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Get the help you need for your divorce

Need help following separation? We are here

Divorce, separation and disputes in relation to the residence of and contact with children can be an upsetting and difficult time for all involved.

We understand the difficulties involved with this, and will give advice to ensure that the result is fair for all parties.

The decision to divorce can be a difficult and upsetting one, and the stress and emotional attachment can only complicate things.

We ensure that we do our best to reduce as much stress and difficulty as possible so that you are supported throughout the entire process and we strive to provide an unbiased, understanding service to settle any disputes.

Divorce services

We will always look to avoid court action if at all possible, but sometimes disagreements can end up needing to be ruled on by the court.

If this happens, we can help guide you through the court process, with efficiency and professionalism.

We can also advise you on all aspects of adoption, and children who have been taken into care by local authority or referred to The Childrens Panel.

Family law services

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